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Photographer in focus

Our Photographer in focus is Lasse Nielsen a family & portrait photographer who works from Brisbane city to the Gold Coast.

If you would like to collaborate or book a session head over to his Instagram page or website

Hi Lasse thank you so much for sending us these fantastic shots when did you realise that photography was going to feature big in your life ?

I fell in love with photography when I was young. Always loved the idea of shooting models and now I am. I have taken an interest in fashion but am looking to do more creative shots. I wish I had taken the plunge much sooner. I aim to make every photo better than the last and want to just get that one great shot before I have to retire.

Chantay Mackenzie
Anne Liu
Tiarna Ashlee
Megan Vickers
Zess Thomas
Nic Olle
Chloe J
Billie Erin
Akansha Srivastav
Emanuel Quezada
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